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A fine selection of loose leaf teas for the ultimate brew. They are all super bases for kombucha, or just a lovely cup of tea.

Assam Rembeng - Organically grown - TGFOP

Assam tea with golden tips and a fine leaf. Aromatic and harmonic taste, long lasting rich flavour. Best brewed at 100c for 2-4 mins.

Darjeeling first flush - Orgaincally grown - FTGFOP1

A fresh first flush Darjeeling, full of flavour. Bright golden cup, flowery bouquet. A special tea of very high quality. Slightly nutty, sweet and soft flavour. Best brewed at 100c for 2-4 mins.

China Pu Erh - Organically grown

This tea is specially fermented and stored in a wide dark cellars for more than a year, which gives it a soft earthy flavour. Aids digestion after meals. Best brewed at 100c for 2-4 mins.

Temple of Heaven 'Gunpowder' - Organically grown

A strong tea that is dried in rolling drums giving it it's spherical form. Gunpowder is one of the stronger green teas from China. The infusion is straw coloured with a fine bitter, dry and fresh character. Best brewed at 100c for 2-4 mins.

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